Professional Development Workshops & Speaking Engagements with Alice Flowers

Alice Flowers workshops are creative, informative and full of colors, laughs, and conversation. We empower women to be beautiful, confident and self-expressive. Looking and feeling feminine is power. Love the face and body in the mirror. Find your best look. Love your best look. Alice Flowers will help you create a personal brand to help you gain a competitive edge!

Book Alice Flowers Workshops for your upcoming Speaking Engagement - check out our  most popular professional development workshops:

Sophisticated Outfits

Learn to create 50 Sophisticated Outfits with 21 Classic Pieces

Success Suits You

This workshop is designed for the professional woman who wants every advantage in the workplace.

Dress Your Body Type

Learn how to dress in styles that make the most of your body type.  Own your curves, your shape and your personal style.

Wardrobe Essentials

Create a personal brand to give you an advantage to influence how others view you.

"If you think I can be of some service to your image and wardrobe needs, I would love to partner with you to create a consulting package, speaking engagement, workshops or whatever may fit your specific needs. "


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